Reagents and equipment

LDBIO Diagnostics offers you various complementary reagents and accessories to ensure that your tests are properly revealed.

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Direct parasitology

Research of microsporidia in feces, direct parasitology (research use).
UVIBIO 10ml #B200

Research use products

Fungal and parasitic serology

Our Western Blot strips can be supplied alone or adapted for veterinary use using the appropriate conjugate for the species under study.

Example: #TOXO II-MOUSE detection of Toxoplasma (H+L) in mice, kits of 24 strips with reagents.

Equipment for immunoblots

Incubation tray 8 channels for manual use of our kits. Ref: WBPP08

An automate can be proposed to you for the complete automation of the WB LDBIO Diagnostics kits.


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