Immunoblots & Rapid Tests for
Parasitology and Mycology
New ! LATERAL FLOW RAPID TESTS now CE marked and available.

Founded in 1998, LDBIO DIAGNOSTICS is specialized in R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for human infectious diseases.

Our first target was the manufacturing of confirmatory tests for Parasitology and Mycology by Western Blot Serology using a natural antigen. Our list of products also includes a Toxoplasma WB for the specialized diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis  at birth. Since December 2012, we have launched an Aspergillus WB IgG kit which is now available for orders.

Our kits are today used worldwide in University Hospitals and Specialized Reference Laboratories for the confirmation of positive or doubtful screening results.

The strategy of the company involves an especially strong relationship with our partners and our clients, an acute attention to quality and performance of our products for the best diagnosis and our special interest in some diseases beside the widespread market and the common commercial diagnostic tools.

LDBIO DIAGNOSTICS is certified EN NF ISO 13485 (2012), ISO 9001 (2008), and our IVD products all are CE marked.

See our scientific references.

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